19: Born Sinner (Nobody’s Perfect)

June 25, 2013

Miss Utah

Intro Music: J Cole – Born Sinner

In this week’s episode “Born Sinner (Nobody’s Perfect)”, B. Black and Mz Dubious discuss Miss Utah’s answer at this year’s Miss America Pageant (B applauds her effort, Dubious doesn’t). B sends some shoutouts, and the two of them review J Cole’s and Kanye’s respective new albums Born Sinner and Yeezus.

They end the show as usual with some News You Can Use: Should the congregation pay for a Pastor’s helicopter repairs? Shaving your privates while driving, don’t do it. Retweet, or shorty here’s dead. Hey, inmates need love too. It doesn’t pay to be racist. And finally, Miley Montanna is all grown up. Have a listen, and leave your comments.

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Mega Church Pastor
J Cole Fan Threatens to Shoot Sister
Prison Guards Dating Inmate
Paula Deen Fired From the Food Network
Miley Cyrus Video: We Can’t Stop
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