20: Dark Maple Syrup

July 1, 2013

Beverly Johnson

Intro music:  Goodie Mob – Beautiful Skin
Intermission 1:  Michael Ellison – Light Skin Did
Intermission 2:  Del tha Funkee Homosapien – Dark Skin Girls

Episode 20, “Dark Maple Syrup”: The votes are in: Ottawa is voted “Most Boring City in Canada”, B Black and Mz. Dubious discuss that. B Black fails at attempt to joke about Aaron Hernandez (NFL tight end receiver accused of murder) and makes a link to his experience with installing Jay Z’s Samsung app on his phone. And we get Mz. Dubious’ take on “Dark Girls”, the documentary.

In News You can use: the gang discuss George Lucas recent wedding, George Zimmerman’s trial, the black lady who refused get off her cell phone during takeoff, Paula Deen (again) and the black folks who have her back, and finally, LL Cool J’s recent tweet.


Reference Material:

Ottawa Most Boring City in Canada:

Dark Girls documentary:

Vybz Kartel bleaches skin

Rappers and singers celebrate brown-skinned women, skin complexion complexity

George Lucas’ wedding:
http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-23044172 (white people headline)
http://www.the360experiment.com/2013/06/entertainment/george-lucas-did-something-a-black-man-wouldnt-married-a-black-woman/ (black people headline)

Black Lady kicked of plane:

Paula Deen Loses Major Endorsement Deal:

LL Cool J to Paula Deen Jokester: ‘…Suck My D*ck’


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