In this freestyle and unedited episode of Shutup Podcast,  B. Black kicks it with comedians Gavin Stephen and Jason Allen aka White Jesus (Note to reader,  that aka is not official). Although the title of the episode makes reference to cannabis,  the topic doesn’t come up (at least I don’t remember it being mentioned). The title is only in reference to the day this episode was recorded and to mark this historical event.   

Recorded on Sunday, October 14, 2018 (ie 3 days prior…).


In this episode of ShutUpPodcast,  B. Black kicks it with comedian Caroline O’Brien to discuss,  girlfriends who try to help while they’re man is getting jumped,   Runnin’ at the Mouth‘s latest video Shawarmas & Sharmutas,  Majah Hype’s recent’s show in Ottawa,   B. Black’s interview on Radio Canada,  Drake’s In my Feelings video and  News You Can Use.

Recorded Saturday, August 3, 2018.

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