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063: Plus Fragile Que J’veux Qu’on Croit

Topics Intro What’s up with the title? Corneille (singer) The TRUTH about your SUFFERING can be UNLOCKED in my 12 week course for an UNDISCLOSED sum of money by Rosie/@rozielou News and Random Thoughts Tik Tok vs FB PN update

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062: What You Know for Sure That Just Ain’t So

Topics Before the Intro That piece I just read and the lack of inspiration Diam’s – Feuille Blanche Intro RIP Lance Reddick (June 7, 1962 – March 17, 2023) RIP Bobby Caldwell by KevOnStage (August 15, 1951 – March 14, 2023)

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061: It Ain’t Easy, That’s My Motto

Topics Intro Today’s episode format News and Random Thoughts How Rappers be in 2023 by matt_josten  The Good Wife The White Man got God Complex by Amy Chen (@circusfaery33) What does it mean to be woke?!? Well, allow me to

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060: A Worthless F**kin’ Buddha Head

******* Content Warning:  This episode discusses suicide ******* Topics Intro “The greatest of all time died on March 9” -Canibus House Party movie (March 9, 1990) New Jack City (March 8, 1991) News and Random Thoughts A helpful explainer on

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059: Cautious, Cause I’m Cursed

Topics News and Random Thoughts Je devrais tu faire des épisodes en français? Happy International Women’s Day! Late honourable mentions to Maestro Fresh Wes I’m only able to handle mature conversations about Chris Rock’s special The Most Notorious slave ship:

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058: From Neo Soul to De La Soul

Topics Intro Run DMC – Proud To Be Black What’s Up with the title? De La Soul Day (March 3, 2023) Started with Me Myself and I and ended with Memory of News and Random Thoughts The irony surrounding the

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