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124: Needed Money For Atari

Topics Intro On November 2, 1979, Shakur escaped the Clinton Correctional Facility for Women in New Jersey On this day Shirley Chisholm in 1968, became first black woman elected to the United States Congress. Nov 4th, 1997 Jay-Z released his

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123: I Don’t Know, But It Can’t Be This

Topics Intro Your fatigue is real News and Random Thoughts Remind myself: “It’s your goddamn podcast.” None of these women are real What to say if someone asks you “do you condemn hamas?” Why I hate racism even more She

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122: Asked For Better Cards

Topics Intro RIP Richard Roundtree (July 9, 1942 – October 24, 2023) Krush Groove “Shout out to people whose kindness isn’t a strategy, but a way of life.” News and Random Thoughts MOSSAD’s propaganda department is trying to bribe influencers

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121: I Think Very Deeply

Topics News and Random Thoughts Haiti’s government to oversee canal project that prompted Dominican Republic to close all borders bell hooks | speaking freely Problem with the gays Tweet worth thinking about How she, as a racist,  sees the situation.

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120: If You Don’t Got A Gun

Topics Intro “I never been a type. I always been a frequency. You gotta tune in to really feel me.” News and Random Thoughts Something Jessie Woo said… Gabriel Miller spitting straight fact At Chicago City Council, Gabriel Miller asks

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119: Free Palestine!

Topics Intro “A man who stands for nothing will fall for anything.” News and Random Thoughts Hip Hop sucks! What’s another way to say “I love you”? Did Kevin Hart know about this? #YOUMUSTLEARN Change My View  Final Thought What’s

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